Essay about Implementing A Leadership Development Plan

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The text describes several ways to help prevent you from becoming a victim of the leadership derailment process.
Some of these include lack of self-awareness, lack of situational awareness, lack of intelligence, dark-side personality traits, disgruntled employees, slackers, criticizers, wars and bankruptcies to name a few. The inability to combat these situations would mean a leadership derailment.

Understanding and defining the cause of derailment is the first step to take in trying to minimize leadership derailment. Creating a framework of derailing factors will create a foundation for selection, development and succession planning processes. There are three steps I will use to reduce the derailment process while implementing a leadership development plan.

The first is to provide leadership with frequent opportunities for formal and informal feedback regarding the plan. Integrating derailing behaviors into 360 degree feedback and utilizing ongoing development discussions can help leaders develop accurate self-awareness. This will give them the chance to change behaviors based upon feedback given.

The second step is to integrate the assessment of derailers into the succession planning process. The derailer should be considered along with other important criteria used to determine performance, potential and readiness. Derailing behaviors can greatly limit the impact of other characteristics, including intellectual capability and technical skills.

The third step…

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