Essay on Implementing A Greenhouse Gas Tax

1429 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
By implementing a greenhouse gas tax, the Govenor hopes to lower the environmental costs of greenhouse gases. The idea behind both the greenhouse gas tax proposed by the Govenor and the cap-and-trade system is to place the burden of the negative externalities of greenhouse gas production on the companies and factories that are producing the greenhouse gas, which in turn encourages the companies to find less pollutive ways to produce rather than buying more pollution permits or paying the pollution tax.
Although some do not seem concerned with the energy problem we are currently dealing with, it’s a crisis that could be detrimental in many ways. Day by day people are becoming more aware of the problems we are dealing with concerning this situation. The term “energy problem” is too vague to put a thorough description on mainly because there are so many aspects to the equation. Most would say that this problem began in the 1970’s when OPEC temporarily boycotted the world market causing our prices in petroleum to rise dramatically. The reason that this issue is so important is because the use of petroleum is an essential asset to everyone’s daily life. Today petroleum is the most common source of energy we use. Whether it is from types of heating, transportation, residential living, and even commerce it is simply something that we cannot live with out. Each day we release vast amounts of carbon emissions into the air we breathe that is becoming more hurtful each and every day.…

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