Implementation Of The Communication Plan Essay

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Implementation of the communication plan

During the first probationary period, I worked mainly on graphic design, and artistic part, while Hermance began the communication plan. During this period, Hermance focused on the analysis (of the public, of the domain, of our targets ect ...). During the second period, we therefore concentrated on the implementation of the communication plan. We are therefore in the heart of the matter: digital communication, event communication, display, marketing strategy. Before all of that we made a retro schedule, to be sure to respect the time we had.

First : digital communication

We have started the implementation of digital communication. We put our ideas according to our feelings our knowledges and what we had learned in our first two years at ISCOM. So we started with, which today characterizes our daily (at least that of our target) : digitalization and mainly, social networks. We have put in place a strategy for the company 's website, which is still non-existent. We have determined the goals of the website: dissemination of our values, federating a community, acquiring notoriety as an expert in the football sector. But we also decided the tone to adopt on the website: a trendy tone, accessible to everyone, but above all open-minded. After that, we opened a strategy for each network that we considered useful, so have entered in the list: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube. We had, of course, consulted the…

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