Implementation Of School Uniforms

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French Toast, as well as many educators, administrators, parents and public minded citizens, is aware that some of our public school systems are in a dispirited and discouraged state. Violence, poor attendance, disruptive behavior and disheartening attitudes stand in the way of today 's education.

Sweeping changes are needed to return our educational standards to worldwide competitive levels. Our schools should once again become the safe havens and community centers for the education and the development of our students that they once were. Our children need the self-esteem, purpose, hope and security associated with growing up in a healthy learning environment.

Implementation of a school uniform program can help meet these needs. The reasons,
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Price tags are in. In some neighborhoods, it 's the "thing" to wear the price tag on the garment. What you pay for something is the status symbol. There is heavy competition for dressing "right" and the peer pressure to perform and conform is incredible.
Many students take after-school jobs to maintain their own style. Often these paychecks go right onto their backs and are not used for saving for the future or some other primary goal. A part time job is not the issue here. The reason behind the job is our concern.
As a school turns to mandated uniforms, all of the above becomes moot. All of the students look the same, at a base level. Concentration returns to who you are, rather than what you are wearing, or what you can afford. Students are less immersed in keeping up with today 's trends.
It 's time to eliminate from schools the status and respect many students give to clothing labels and price tags. Student attention needs to return to learning in the classroom, rather than how they look when they are in that classroom. Mandated uniforms can serve to shift the emphasis from competition back to academic performance and personal
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As the country 's leader in School Uniforms, French Toast is determined to continue to investigate, research and make readily available the impact School Uniforms have on improving our country 's educational climate. Although at the present time the only documented research is based on Long Beach California 's system-wide requirement for School Uniforms (uniform programs are still relatively new), we keep in touch with all other schools with uniform programs, listening to their feedback and findings. We also have a library of all the articles written about School Uniforms.

French Toast was instrumental in assisting the Long Beach Unified School District in implementing their program and is available to assist other schools and districts in doing the same. We have three

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