Implementation of Evidence Based Protocol Essay

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Implementation of an Evidence-Based Protocol
Over the past decade there has been a growing focus on quality improvement including moving from a traditional intuition-based paradigm to evidence-based practice (EBP) (Eizenberg, 2011). There is an increase in consumer demand for quality and cost-effective health care and this has created a greater emphasis on EBP. EBP is essential for promoting excellence in health care (Koehn & Lehman, 2008). Clearly aligned to evidence-based practice, the integration of protocol-based care into care delivery has been evident in the development of service protocols as an approach to implementing standards (Rycroft-Malone, Fontenla, Bick, & Seers, 2008). In the article chosen for this paper the surgical
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Because of the results investigators created and implemented a hypothermic management protocol (Grossman, Bautista, & Sullivan, 2002).
Implementation of the protocol in the practice setting
Using the literature and study results there was the development of a protocol to outline the nursing management of a postoperative patient who requires treatment with a warming blanket to achieve normothermia without causing complications. During implementation of the protocol staff received a copy of the protocol and directions for using the forced warm air blankets were attached to each of the blankets. It was also communicated to staff that the expectation is for everyone to follow the protocol and that a subcommittee from each unit will evaluate compliance of the protocol use on a regular basis (Grossman, Bautista, & Sullivan, 2002).
Outcomes and measurement of outcomes
The evidence-based practice protocol was found by staff to be more convenient, less time consuming, and consistently effective. There has been faster warming times of patients and less complications with patients. The physicians, nurses, administration, and patients were impressed with the patient outcomes of the protocol. Monitoring of the protocol compliance rate was initially done at one month, two months, and currently quarterly by the quality-improvement subcommittee. There is also a quality improvement checklist that corresponds

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