Implementation of Code of Ethics Essay

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Implementation of NDCA’s Code of Ethics Akemi L. Stout Grand Canyon University: LDR 800 October 23, 2011

Introduction “Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier” (Powell, 2007) Codes of ethics are guidelines provided by business entities to communicate to the subordinates the beliefs, values, missions and overall perspectives of what the company or organization is about. In this paper, I will give my ideas of how I feel my code of ethics should be best implemented. In doing so, I will discuss its relevancy to other documents that are included in the code, a strategy of communicating it to all stakeholders, enforcing it, and a strategy for evaluation of revisions. Also, you will find a discussion that gives reasons
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This survey would be administered by an outside entity in order to ensure validity of results as well as to ensure that there would not be any internal tampering. Discussion I believe many other code of ethics have failed mainly because of due process. Most often there’s a code of ethics in place and the people for whom it was placed, are unaware of its existence. And for the most part this is because of the leadership that is in place. Thus by using resource dominance as an integral part of my leadership strategy, I should be able to see a great level efficiency within each level. Hence, resource dominance refers to control over the budget, equipment and the information necessary for task completion, as well as the position power of determining subordinates’ rewards (e.g. bonus, wage increase and promotion). When leaders have sole control over these resources, subordinates tend to accept leaders’ power status and comply with leaders’ instructions (Blau, 1964). Accordingly, Farh and Cheng’s (2000) prediction of the positive relationship between leader authoritarianism and subordinates’ outcome may be found when the leader is high on resource dominance. Although, Farh and Cheng, suggests that future research should examine this possibility, it seems conceivable that with Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs was an iconic leader that possess this type of leadership and was very successful in his efforts. Jobs’ vision to see the potential in the

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