Implementation Of An Electronic Health Record System Essay

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Based on the Health website, there are six basic steps to implementing an electronic health record system in a practice. The first step is to assess the readiness of the practice. According to Oliver, Dr. Smith need to take a look at her administrative processes, workflow of the office, the practice current record management process, the staff’s computer and technology literacy, internet services, finances, and the overall needs of the practice. Another portion of part one of implementation, Dr. Smith need to set goals for implementation that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. By the end of the step one according to Oliver, Dr. Smith will have established a leadership team, a unified vision and measurable, quantifiable, and realistic goals. Step two of implementation is planning an approach. Based on an article written in the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics, there are several parts to this phase in the process, which are analyze and map out the current workflow of the practice, map out how electronic health records will assist with the current workflow of the practice, create a contingency plan in an effort to be proactive in case there are any issues that develop during implementation, crate a project plan to transition from paper to electronic, and identify concerns and obstacles for privacy and security during the transition. Step three is to select an EHR system. During this step, according to Oliver Dr. Smith will need to…

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