Implementation Of An Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

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Consensus Model
Having an adequate legal description on the scope of an advanced practice nurse (APN) in state law is important because currently, each state has its own APN regulations and rules (Goudreau & Smolenski, 2014). The release of the Consensus Model set a uniform standard and guide the regulations of APN across the country (Joint Dialogue Group Report, 2008). However, barriers still exist that hamper APNs to practice to the full scope of their clinical training and nursing education. Many patients and their family face unnecessary restriction on access to high quality care and incur higher out-of-packet costs because of barriers faced by APNs (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation [RWJF], 2013). The purpose of this discussion is to identify some of the barriers and the status of implementation of the Consensus Model in the state of Illinois.
The majority of states have regulatory barriers that require APNs practice under a written collaboration agreement or protocol with physicians. However, according to 2010 Institute of Medicine, there is no evidence that a better clinical outcomes are achieved with more physician oversights. In fact, the evidence supports that APNs can provide safe, effective and high quality care to their patients (Newhouse et al., 2011). When the collaborating physicians are not readily available, the requirement for such protocol become a barrier and can cause delay or undermine the continuity in patient care (RWFK, 2013). Inappropriate…

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