Implementation Of A School Improvement Plan Essay

896 Words Nov 17th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s educational setting there are various major issues that constantly need to be addressed and dealt with. Often times these issues are so vast and so severe that the idea of even where to begin is almost unfathomable. These issues range from academic concerns, to financial concerns, and continue with personnel and staffing issues. Many school systems face such dire problems, that it is almost impossible to resurrect their institutions to get them on the right path to success. By possessing the ability to recognize the most pertinent issues facing a school system, administrators can develop a plan of action and then implement that plan to hopefully create positive change that can have a lasting positive impact on the school. An improvement plan will have to be a collaborative effort that involves all parties who have a vested interest in the school. Administrators must remember that the implementation of a school improvement plan is a process that takes time for desired results to become visible. Through the utilization of collaboration, effective communication, and establishment of clear goals, a school improvement plan will likely produce positive, lasting results for a school. After extensive research and lengthy discussions with various stakeholders of Cullman City Schools, it appears to be an overall consensus that there are some major concerns and issues and that Cullman City Schools must develop a plan to address. The issues that appear to be…

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