Implementation At The Start Of Implementation Essay

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Implementation At the start of implementation, candidates shared their day wise work plan with key stakeholders and agreed on a mutually convenient working arrangement which includes start and end time for each day, meeting schedules with other stakeholders and work place for the candidates to carry out implementation activities. This enabled candidates to gather required information onsite in a smooth and timely manner without impacting the activities of the partner organisation towards achieving the goal. Candidates spent 80 hours onsite over a period of two weeks and built a positive and professional relationship with the staff, management team and residents during this period. Candidates maintained objectivity while communicating with the residents and staff, obtained consent before undertaking any new activity and ensured that all confidential documents are filed and kept in CWT food and nutrition department, in order to maintain privacy. Candidates communicated their work progress and observations with the RD in person on a daily basis. The management team and the staff were highly co-operative and gave all the information that was asked for and could be provided. In order to demonstrate high standards of professional competence, candidates went through the individual resident care plan as well as the dietary requirements of the residents and the legislation related to the project to be able to compare observations to the actual requirement. Implemented plan…

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