Imperialism: The Cause And Causes Of World War I

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Like most catastrophes in this world, World War I can be traced back to the desire for money. Money runs the world today, and in 1914 it was no different. Coming out of an age of extreme imperialism, great tension resided among the European powers in the 1900’s. Jealousy had sparked this tension yet despite the many causes of World War I, all roots of the war lead back to one main one: financial security. Two of the most commonly claimed causes— imperialism, and alliances—all lead back to a single thing: money. For in possessing money, one can rule the world. One does not actually rule the world, but the country with the largest wealth does have the most power and land, and therefore the most control. In a world that desires power above anything …show more content…
Land the main cause for imperialism and a basic means of wealth, lured many of the European powers during the 1870’s-1920’s to create colonies all around the world. In the decades before the war, Great Britain had attained many colonies, and revenue flowed easily into it. Imperialism had taken its hold in Europe, first in Britain but then in France until all the European powers desired colonies. Germany, desiring the power that colonies gave to the mother countries, was very jealous of Britain who had many colonies. Germany was “keen to snatch whatever colonial possessions were available” (Llewellyn) for it too wanted an influx of revenue from colonies, which yielded power. With this desire, Germany began attempts at obtaining its own colonies. As the idea of imperialism expanded across Europe, the Scramble for Africa occurred. During this time “Britain and France seized the largest parcels of territory” (Beauchamp). Germany began falling behind in this race for land, and concluded that without land, its world influence became limited (Beauchamp). With this, Germany began to feel inferior due its lesser amount of wealth compared to other European powers. Thus with Germany’s jealousy, money remained a prominent factor in creating tension in Europe which eventually sparked World War

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