Imperialism Is A Type Of Support Of Empire Essay

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Imperialism is a type of support of empire. Its name created from the Latin word "imperium", meaning to regime over large territories. Imperialism is "a rule of increasing a country 's power and effect through settlement, use of military force, or other means". Imperialism has importantly shaped the modern world. The term imperialism has been applied to Western governmental and economic dominance in the 19th and 20th centuries, however its exact meaning continues to be discussed by scholars. For example, mapmakers of the nineteenth century used cartography to further petroleum imperialism. As scholar Bassett notes, "Maps were used in numerous ways to spread European domination over foreign and often unknown territory." It is better to use terms such as national or economic imperialism to label some of these less official types of power. In Lenin 's work Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Entrepreneurship, he experiential that as entrepreneurship developed in the Western world, economies removed away from industrial towards banking, finance, and capital markets, as manufacture was subcontracted to the empires ' colonies. Lenin decided that rivalry between Empire and the freed drive to exploit income would lead to wars between the empires themselves, such as the modern First World War, as well as sustained future military interferences and activities in the colonies to found, enlarge, and abuse less developed markets for the monopolist companies of the empires. The issues…

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