Essay about Imperialism : European Super Powers

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Throughout the nineteenth century and early twentieth century, European countries began to expand and dominant *”dominate over”* weaker countries around the world, and eventually overtook the whole continent of Africa. European super powers like Great Britain and France began to shift their attention towards inflicting rule upon economic, cultural and political aspects of the countries they overpowered—this is known as Imperialism. Along with imperialists imposing their culture on natives, they also ran rampant through their villages, setting them ablaze, and enslaving their people. Imperialism may have introduced new technologies like the steam-powered vessels, or modernity as a whole, but with this, there were major drawbacks. Imperialism often reflected and promoted what can be considered the modern issue of racism, and represented exploitations of greed among European super-powers. During the Age of Discovery, beginning around the end of the fourteenth century, European nations began to realize the wealth and materials that existed far beyond their borders. Portugal, for example, set out in search of new opportunities in trading, feeling limited due to only sharing borders with Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Expeditions began down the coast of Africa in search of gold, and during this exploration many new trading ports were created. With these trading spots, the Portuguese began to trade gold, ivory, and slaves with African Kingdoms. This trading of slaves and goods is…

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