Essay about Imperialism During The 19th Century

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It is commonly acknowledged that Europe, especially Great Britain, used the methods of imperialism to further extend their empire in both economic and territorial ways and thus brought them to be the vastest empire the world as ever known to date. However, it is questioned that without the method and direct action of imperialism would Britain’s economy not have thrived to such heights as they did? While it is a debatable topic the evidence is clear throughout history. British imperialism grew to such extents that it is said around twenty-five percent of the world was at one point under the rule of the British (Johnson). Imperialism brought Britain’s empire into great power and improve their trading of good, intake of money, and overall control over other nation’s territory while at the same time stripping the other’s nations individual freedoms and independence. Imperialism can be dated back as far as the ancient Chinese’s dynasties but it did not really become well established until the 15th-18th centuries (Britannica). Back in the 15th-18th century, one who was not considered to be part of the white, western, or Christian population of nations were looked upon as inferior compared to the ones who were and was more than likely the targets of imperialism rather than the successors (Said). The main targets of imperialism were India, East Indies, and the Americas (Britannica). In the 17th century the East India Company, who were actually London merchants, made their first…

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