Imperialism And Its Human Nature Essay

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Today the desire to obtain power is seen all over the world, its human nature to be very territorial and fight for limited resources. During the 19th and 20th century, imperialism started to take place and still today it causes a huge debate. According to Belfastmarxist Imperialism is, “a policy of extending a country 's power and influence through colonization, the use of military force or other means.” The primary purpose of which is economic control in one way or another A huge depression started around 1893 in which farmers were suffering, people where unemployed and student went to school without having breakfast. Faced with a depression many Americans took to the belief that it was their destiny to prosper and expand their territory as far as possible. Manifest Destiny gave Americans the self-righteous believe that it was their divine destiny to obtain land by any means necessary. Boston 1898, Anti-imperialism was founded as anopposition to the acquisition of the Philippines. Anti-imperialists didn’t believed in expansion because they believed imperialism violated the credo of republicans. They believed America should help the world by setting the example of a successful government. I believe we should continue with imperial expansion because it would lead to new markets for customers and business owners, develop modern technology, and help our future social and economically.Farmers where facing a rough time during 1880s and 1890’s due to the declination of crops and…

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