Imperfections Case Study

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Imperfections The corporation Imperfections is a specialty manufacturer of clothing designed for children wearing prosthetics. The We-Fit line of clothing is made to fit over artificial limbs or worn by children without one or more limbs. It is an affordable product that meets the requirements of most handicapped children.
Your product was just introduced to a big box store. Provide advice to your retailers on how to merchandise your product and brand to maximize sales. When retailing this merchandise it needs to be in the children’s department on specialty clothing racks. This allows consumers to look through the items for sizes, colors, and special needs easily. It should be marked clearly with the price and sizes (R. A. Kerin, 2006).
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If they had a garment that did not perform well, the manufacturer needs to be contacted to make sure that every piece is at quality standards. If their information is not correct or justified Imperfections should send pieces for their inspection, and ask them to print a retraction of their first article. When a consumer advocacy group attacks a company, the company needs to address their concerns. Showing the group that you employee regardless of age, sex, color, or religion is a start. Assure them that all employees receive adequate wages and benefits. All material used has been inspected for quality and each package contains all the necessary information and meets quality standards (Keller, …show more content…
If it is desired, start out slow. One item of clothing bundled with the service to see how it is received is the best way to start. Many consumers feel that when a service and product are bundled together they are getting a better bargain and it sells well. Others feel that when things are bundled they are losing the best of the product or the service. Make sure that the package is attractive and answers all questions. Make sure that consumers have a choice between bundles and singular items (Product Bundling is a Smart Strategy -- But There 's a Catch, 2013).
Your product is at the mature stage of the product life cycle and is now a commodity that sells for a fraction of its original price. How might you react to this situation? Re-inventing or re-designing the merchandise is a good way to refresh sales and bring in new customers. Making the clothing wrinkle free and stain resistant will appeal to parents with children. Changing the colors or fabrics on clothing will help to draw in consumers. Researching the styles and fads that are popular and re-designing this merchandise to meet the wants and needs of the consumers will bring new sales and re-peat buyers. Changing the packaging to give the products a new look can also increase

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