Impacts of the Internet on Young People Essay

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Teacher: Mrs. Phuong Le Students: Nguyen Thi Lua Nguyen Thuy Trang Class: 4k12 Course: EAP Writing
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Due to the development of the Internet, a person can communicate with other person living wherever in the world without doubts about obstacles of distance. Though, many people can connect each other as the community in real life. One study revealed that 74% of teenager respondents reported e - mail or chat room contact with a stranger (Stephen. J. Genuis, 2005). This is the reason why the phrase “The net community” appears like the term related the people who take part in the fancy life on the Internet. The teenagers are easier to contact their colleges, make new friends and develop more other relationships. On the contrary, if teenagers do not approach to the Internet, they will be attributed outdated to backward thinking.
Besides, the Internet also provides more choices in the entertainment. People have created a tremendous information resource on the Internet where contains an endless supply of programs and websites supporting activities to people. Indeed, teenagers can easily find out something being appropriate with their favorites just by a click away. If people want to relax by a song, they can choose them on some web pages for music with variety of fountains. All of videos, albums or information about singers, musicians are updated by the second 24 hours a day. Especially, online games are another widespread activities enjoyed by users of all ages on the Internet. Nowadays, there are millions of games that

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