Impacts Of Social Networking Sites

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Topic – Impacts of Social Networking Sites
Material and Methods
Social Networking Media: // Object of study
Social Networking Media, which was a technological invention is evolving and has gained its own prominence in present day. Social Media has its impacts on human life. Impacts are both positive and negative which are measured based on usage and purpose. Social Networking sites appears in various forms depending on social activities. Facebook, WhatsApp are used for sharing one’s feeling and to stay connected with closed one living in far distance places. Twitter is used for broadcasting the information, to know about celebrity related information and also to get the survey of public opinions. LinkedIn is a site which enables professionals
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Survey in the articles were analyzed to get a clarity on subject, social networking media and its impacts. Also live usage of Social Media in day to day life was experience and witnessed along with the merits and demerits of their Usage [2].
It was clarified from the articles that different set of people underwent different types of merits and demerits by the usage of Social Networking site. Teenage Students who actively invented most of their time in Social Media ended up with poor academic grades also certain teenagers also got entrapped by cyber bulling and cyber-crimes. But Student with careful usage of Social Networking sites found benefited with the usage as they used it for discussion forum and to discuss about different perspective of problems [2].
In certain instances employees working in office were found actively indulged in Social Networking sites, which created a loss for employer also, lowered the performance of potential employee. On other hand, it also helps employer to find suitable candidate for job and made it easy for candidates to seek jobs based on their interest
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Advantages and disadvantages of different Social networking sites associated with these set of people was recorded.
It was seen that social media has both positive and negative impacts based on purpose and level of usage, For students – “Social media sites allow teens to accomplish certain tasks that are considered important to them such as staying connected with friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas. On the other hand, social media participation also can offer adolescents deeper benefits that extend into their view of self, community and the world. This becomes more beneficial if adults get involved with children and guide in the use of media through visit to quality websites by engaging the use of educational software and view of TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities. When these adults watch TV and movies together with kids, discussing plot, how children feel about the happenings in the movie and compare with the real - life consequences of wrong and illegal actions create a balance in the child’s development into society”

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