Impacts Of Extracurricular In The Arts

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This study will examine the data of a small control group in order to determine if there is a correlation between academic success and extracurricular arts programs. ACT scores, interviews, and surveys will be used to provide data for the research. The findings will be beneficial for inform administrators and school board members when making decisions relating to funding of these programs in the future.
Impacts of Extracurricular in the Arts I have often wondered the impact of extracurricular activities on the development of students both academically, and emotionally. Generally, students who are active in these activities seem to have more confidence in their actions and decisions. My primary interest is actually in the extracurricular activities that encompass the arts. When
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More information will be gathered through surveying some past graduates who participated in these programs. Questions will focus on the impact of these program on their success academically after high school, and it they feel the extra-curricula program has helped them professionally. Finally, I will interview several academic teachers and administrators to get their opinion of the students who were survived for this study. The focus of the teacher interview will be how band or chorus helped those students in the classroom.
Research Question
Does extracurricular activities, such as band and chorus, have an impact on student performance and professional success? Review of Literature When determining academic success in schools, it is more than the performance on standardized test. To measure total school success, you must examine student successes over an extended period of time. Success may be determined by their

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