Impacts Of Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is known as cyber-attacks of all kinds with the purpose to threaten, expose or embarrass somebody on the internet (cyber bullying (n.d). During this research paper you'll read about various impacts of cyber bullying, how cyber bullies bully, the signs of a victim of cyber bullying, and much more. Bullying has always been around, but since the quick evolution of electronics is the internet now a dangerous place?

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place on the web. It can be done on devices like a cell phone, a computer, a tablet, or an ipad (what is cyber bullying, n.d). There's a few common places for cyber bullying to take place here are a few: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, messenger, chat rooms and video games (what is
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The child being bullied could experience many symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, sadness, loss of pleasure in activities, loneliness, decreased academic achievements. The child who is bullying is more at risk of certain behaviors such as: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, get into fights, criminal convictions. A study by Tracy Vaillancourt shows that most children who are bullied later on become a bully themselves.

Being a bystander to cyber bullying gives you a role to play. Most children don't want to get involved to avoid being in the same situation and to avoid the hassle of reporting the bullying, but by not reporting to an adult they are passively encouraging the bullying. By standers should always take note of what is happening and when it took place following with reporting to an adult.

Cyber bullies take advantage of the many doors that the internet open that makes it easy for them to victimize people. There are many ways that the cyber bully chooses to bully; sometimes they post private or embarrassing photographs or information. They can duplicate somebody's account and post things without the other person being aware. They can post screenshots or videos of the victim without consent. They might insult or degrade the victim or they can threaten the victim by
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It's very easy for somebody to hide behind social medias to say things to others but it's important for teens not to treat individuals on social medias any differently than they would face to face. It's also recommended not to share your passwords with anyone but a trusted adult such as a parent to avoid someone accessing your account. Making sure not to share phone numbers with people you don’t know or trust and not to add people you don’t know or trust on social medias like Facebook, twitter, Instagram can avoid many cyber bullying opportunities (what can teens do,

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