Impact of Sectionalism Essay

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Impact of Sectionalism Sectionalism during the 1800’s- 1840’s, caused a grand impact on American politics and policies. Sectionalism began to grow early in the 1800s, right after the War of 1812. As more factories were built, the South and the North grew further apart. When more people moved to the West, the country began to divide even more in this way. The north wanted and federal rights and the south wanted state rights. Each section wanted different things therefore caused problems in government and society. Americans saw themselves as Southerners or Northerners. People who lived in different parts of the country often disagreed. This was also true even in Congress. Sectionalism, placing the interests of one region ahead …show more content…
This made an exact balance between slave states and free states gave them equal representation in the U.S. Senate, showing how both the north and south fought. The large central bank of the United States proved also to be problem due to sectionalism. Andrew Jackson was did not agree with the central bank. And when Biddle sought to renew the bank’s charter in 1832, President Jackson vetoed Congress’s attempt to renew the

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