Impact On Men 's Behavior And Attitudes Towards Women Essay

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Impact on Men’s Behavior and Attitudes Towards Women
Kilbourne contends that media functions as a textbook for society on culture (Hammer 212). Norms, attitudes, expectations, and beliefs all arise from indivdiuals interactions with the cultural enviroment around them (Ibid). Including individuals interactions with advertisments. The consistent exposure to objectifing advertisements has direct implications on the greater acceptance of gender-role stereotypical attitudes and rape myths (Covell and Lanis). Sexually objectifying media has been found to be associated to sexual content, feelings, or impluses of “stereotypical sexual attitudes, with dysfunctional beliefs about relationships, and greater acceptance of sexual advances (Haferkamp).” The internalization of these advertisements have been found to directly impact, not only women, but also men’s attitudes and behavoirs towards women.
Exposure to these types of media, explored in this paper, have been shown to affect how men treat and respond to real women in subsequent interactions, making their behavior more sexualized (Caruthers, Meriwether, & Ward, 2006 705). Studies have found that men exposed to sexually objectifying images of women from mainstream media were found to be significantly more accepting of gender and sexual role stereotypes, rape myths, sexual harassment, and adversarial beliefs about sexual relationships than men in controlled conditions (Milburn, Mather, & Conrad, 2000). These findings have been…

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