Impact On Education Through Use Of Apple 's Products Essay

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The impact on education through the use of Apple’s products
The iPhone is considered a popular smart phone in this generation, Apple struggled to keep up with the demand for their phones, usually Apple’s new iPhones are sold quickly upon release and its common to not get your phone on release day, unless you have pre-ordered the moment it is available. Apple selling 10 million ‘iPhone 6’ and ‘iPhone 6 plus’ last year in its first weekend of availability (Eadicicco, 2015).

Unfortunately, having Apple’s iPhone, doesn’t necessarily mean education can improve with it. Since the iPhone is still a smart phone, there has been an on-going debate to whether schools should be allowed to use these phones. According to The Conversation (2015), their research which was based on 4 cities in England, showed that schools banning mobile phones had increased the test scores of students by 6.4%. Having mobile phones are also really common in teenagers, based off on the UK, by 2012, around 90% of teenagers possessing a mobile phone, and other countries like the US have about 73% of teenagers possessing a mobile phone which is still a high rate (The Conversation, 2015).

Ever since the release of iPads in April 2010, iPads have impacted many sectors of industries, in particularly in education (Wainwright, n.d.). Even Apple has continued to push themselves and encourage the use of their iPads for education purposes ever since their release (Apple, 2015). The iPads can also use numerous apps…

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