Impact Of Tourism On The Environment Essay

1151 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
When people hear the word tourism, they may think about, for example, long hours of driving, taking pictures of new places, spending huge amounts of money on cheaply made products, and so much more. Tourism is a confusing term because of the many factors it presents. “Tourism means different things to different people, because it is an abstraction of a wide range of consumption activities which demands products and services from a wide range of industries in the economy” (Zaei 12). Tourism is adventurous and exciting for most, but it unfortunately places a heavy impact on communities. Environmental, Social, and Economic effects are the three major areas that tourism affects. Tourism negatively affects the environment is not something someone would assume or expect. Sadly, it does. In order to provide communities with activities, it is critical for companies to deconstruct the environment to build up hotels, roads, resorts, parks, etc. Environmental effects created by tourism impact natural resources, cause pollution and have physical impacts. Because the large amounts of water needed for resorts, hotels, and golf courses, for example, the industry of tourism tends to overuse the natural resource of water. According to United Nations Environment Programme, tourists can drink up 440 liters in one day due to hotter climates. Hotels and resorts are supplied with water through water fountains, bathrooms, etc. Construction takes place before any of the water supply can be…

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