Impact Of The War On The Us Economy Essay

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On April 6th 1917, in defence of its allies Britain, France and Russia, the US declared war on the Central Powers and officially entered World War One (WW1). The war had both positive and negative effects on the US economy and American society as a whole. This essay will evaluate the impact the war had on the US economy through analysing its effect on industry and agriculture. It will also show the impact it made on society in the US through the impact on race, gender, health and Progressivism.
On the whole, the impact of World War One (WWI) was mainly positive on the US economy as it created growth in industry and agriculture. At the beginning of the war, the US was experiencing recession, however 44 months of consecutive growth from 1914-1918 due to Europe relying on US goods for the war showed the wars positive effect on the US economy . Industry in the US prospered by jobs created in war-related industries such as shipbuilding, munitions and steel. This is shown by the fact that despite many of the population having to leave for Europe to fight in the war, the workforce still grew by 1.3 million between 1916 and 1918 . The improvements in the economy also resulted in an increase in the factory output, which grew by over a third between 1914 and 1918. The war also caused improvements in the economy with unskilled workers wages increasing by almost 20% over the war period. The prosperity created through the war can be emphasised by the fact that production of automobiles…

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