Impact Of The Vienna Settlement

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Fourth History Test: How far did the Vienna Settlement contribute to maintaining the peace in Europe in the period 1815-1914? The Vienna Settlement refers to a series of agreements made by the European powers at the Congress of Vienna in
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By shutting off France through these stronger buffer states, the Vienna Settlement helped to maintain European peace during 1815-1914. The part of settlements made at Vienna relating to balance of power also helped to give 100 years of peace to Europe. France attacked other European states during 1795-1815 since she was comparatively stronger than any other European powers. The powers believed that if each was as strong as one another, no power would dare to start wars, and there would be peace. Accordingly, the powers took away all land conquered by Napoleon; they gave Russia most of Poland and Finland; Prussia, half of Saxony, parts of Poland and the Rhineland; Austria, the land it had lost during the Napoleonic period and the land on the Italian peninsula and the Balkans; and Britain, the Cape Colony, South Africa, Malta and various other colonies in Africa and …show more content…
Among these meetings, the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle contributed to peace. At this congress, the powers agreed to withdraw the army of occupation from France and to admit France into the Quadruple Alliance. The former agreement removed French hostility against the powers; while the latter showed that the Quadruple Alliance was not directed against France. Both improved France’s relations with other powers, and France was longer a threat to peace. In these ways, the Congress System helped to keep peace. According to the analysis above, there were at least two factors which helped to keep the peace of Europe in the period 1815-1914 --- the Vienna Settlement and the Congress System. Undoubtedly, the parts of the settlements made at Vienna in 1815 relating to encircle France with stronger buffer states and to build a balance of power in Europe contributed to peace. On the other hand, the Congress System also gave peace to Europe by removing any excuse from France to start a war of revenge on her former enemies. Which one between these two was a more important one? As the Vienna Settlement not only stopped France from future aggression, but it also provided Europe with a more sustainable peace by creating an effective balance of power in Europe. In other words, the Vienna Settlement removed two possible threats to peace --- France and any one single power which would turn aggressive. No doubt the Vienna Settlement contributed to maintaining

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