Impact Of The Triple Bottom Line With The Sustainable Development Principles Like Ecological Footprints And Bio Capacity

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This assignment fixate on the relationship of the triple bottom line with the sustainable development principles like ecological footprints and bio-capacity which are to be considered in the sustainable construction which further signifies triple bottom line in sustainable development and construction. Covering the role of TBL in sustainability, a well formalised sustainability report of a hypothetical construction or infrastructure company established globally is to be made for annual GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) submission, considering reporting parameters like strategic analysis, governance, engagement, commitments, management approach and any challenges or issues faced by the company to maintain sustainability in the construction and work environment.
What is GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)?
GRI is an international non profit organization that avails businesses, regimes and other organizations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many others. GRI provides wide standards of sustainability reporting, 92% of the world 's biggest 250 companies report their sustainability performance biennially.
I have endeavoured to be as open as possible to as many different dimensions of cognation of TBL with sustainability. I am lackadaisical towards restrictive partial or prescriptive definitions of triple bottom line & GRI reporting nor in promulgating a manifesto for how…

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