Impact Of The Middle East Culture On The East Region Essay

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The impact of the Middle East culture on the IHRM
The Middle East region has grown during the past years and today is considered as one of the most diverse regions in the world. In fact, the Middle East region is home of hundreds of nationalities of professionals who work in the different countries of the region. Genuinely, the diversity of human capital has created a multi-cultural environment in the region of the Middle East, in which the HR managers set different strategies and approaches in order to benefit from this diversity. International human resources management IHRM consists of a set of processes and procedures that manage the different cultures and ensure the effectiveness of the organizations while doing business abroad. In point of fact, the Middle East culture has an impact on the IHRM processes and influences the IHRM practices in the region. A recent research report by the Society for Human Resources Management SHRM in the U.S explains that the impact of culture has an impact on IHRM in the following area; recruiting and hiring processes, building business relationship, decision making, and varying perspectives on careers across cultures. (Denis, Randall, and Ibraiz, pp. 130)

Multinationals and expats in the Middle East: from an HR perspective
The Middle East region attracts numbers of expats and foreign businesses to work and invest in various industries. Therefore, the implementation of foreign professionals and expats in the region requires a preparation…

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