Impact Of The First Gulf War On The Military Field Essay example

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“ By the 20th century, military organizations confronted the problem of not only adapting to technological changes in peace time, but also the fact that war itself has inevitably turned up the speed of technological change”.
The first Gulf War constitutes a turning point in the history of modern conflicts essentially because of the integration of technology into all levels of military operations. War was always been a declaration of hostility between two opposing groups clashed over a battlefield in a duel with the ultimate aim to impose its will on the other. However, the advent of new technologies has completely changed these legendary and almost static clashes. New technologies have emerged in the military making maneuvering, tactics, and the manner of conducting war more effective than old conflicts which was dominated by devastating casualties and mostly uncertain results. Well, this important finding raises questions about the real effects of this new situation in the military. Thus, integrating new technologies into the military field will undeniably lead to a reduced, but highly qualified manpower, the restructure of doctrines and the emergence of sophisticated weapon systems, while giving birth to a new and complex warfare The advent of new Technologies in the military field has introduced many changes in manpower which especially affect their volume. This is rooted not only in the automation of combat systems, but also the high price for…

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