Impact Of The European Union On English Law And Justice Essay

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On Thursday 23rd June history had been made in the UK when the result of the referendum highlighted that the UK will leave the European union. Since Brexit has taken place the UK has already undergone shocking changes to the country which include the prime minister changing and as well as the currency rate plummeting. However, the question of the impact upon English law and justice remains unanswered. This essay will attempt to highlight some of the current laws in place, followed by some of the fundamental impacts leaving the EU might have on English law and justice. The European Union is a political union which gathers 28 member states located in Europe, this union has developed an internal single market which has a system of laws that are implemented throughout these member states, these policies implemented are set to ensure free movement of people primarily. The European Communities Act 1972 was the initial the root of EU law becoming English law therein taking precedent over domestic law.
Within the Lisbon treaty of the EU Union Article 50, allows members to leave the EU but determining how the UK will be removed from the EU has not been entirely clear. The negotiation process has not been started as the notice for the intention to leave has not been provided by parliament. One of the drawbacks of the current situation, is that the withdrawal agreements are unknown to what they will contain therein most policies will be determined on the outcome of the exit, leaving…

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