Essay on Impact Of The Arab Spring On The Middle East

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According to the UN development programme in 2002, the Middle East have witnessed high level of poverty, inequality, and gender gaps. All these factors have caused the Arab Spring. Although we have heard from the west about success stories of Egypt in terms of economic performance, according to the neo-liberal thinkers. However it has been argued that the rise of economy was due to the revolution. This statement can be questioned, as many left wings will argue that since introducing capitalism in Egypt has only bought benefits to the west, and the chaos and unstructured after the revolution cannot be ignored. This relates to the fact that due to the policy decisions taken in 2000s it has damaged Egypt, in terms of low and unstable economy which creates a problem as the GDP is not growing. According to Dahi Egypt has failed as a state, as it only focused on liberalisation, their primary goals were foreign investments. Secondly, the global war on terror has enabled them getting more resources. However the rise and fall of social contrast, it is simply due to the; splits in selected businesses, and separating the middle class with growing arbitrary state behaviour, no rule of law and the rising corruption.
The cause of the Arab Spring in Egypt is mainly related to the financial crisis caused by Zine el Abidine Ben Ali and Husni Mubrak. The financial crisis had put Egypt to a disadvantage, as this lead to the decline in foreign direct investment. As a result of this the economic…

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