Essay about Impact Of The Anti Vaccination Movement

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The Impact of the Anti-Vaccination Movement On the 10th of September 2016, 54 cases of American citizens having measles, a dangerous yet preventable disease, had been reported. The cause of the disease is only partially due to the Morbillivirus measles virus, and the rest of the blame falls on the anti-vaccination movement. There are those who claim this anti-vaccination propaganda presents a serious threat to our society. Diseases that the scientific community had greatly diminished or completely eliminated are on the rise once more. This movement not only endangers the lives of the youth of our nation, but also damages the psyche of those who have been diagnosed with any of the Autism Spectrum disorders, and promotes scientific illiteracy.
Affects Other’s Children.
When parents choose to not have their children vaccinated, what a great majority of them fail to understand is that they are endangering other children’s lives, not just their own child’s life. People who often state “my kid, my choice” need to know that if their child gets a disease, they can still spread it to a child who was vaccinated. The article “Refusing to Vaccinate isn’t just a Personal Choice” written by Justin Fox for the Chicago Tribune states “When these diseases run rampant, even those who have been vaccinated aren 't entirely safe. Vaccines succeed in large part because they make diseases so rare, not because everyone who gets one becomes completely immune. When vaccination rates fall,…

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