Essay about Impact Of The American West On The Range, By Courtney White

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In Revolution on the Range, Courtney White describes how the American West is coming into a new waive of ranching. How ranching is not just about making money to survive anymore, but also a way to help preserve their land and the land of those around them. For too long the Federal Government has taken away from the rancher’s livelihood, putting restrictions on how many cattle they are allowed to have, where they are allowed to graze, and taking away their right to controlled grass fires. Courtney White has news for everyone. Today, with the help of non-profit organizations, ranchers who are willing to make changes, and yes, the Federal Government, ranchers are now starting to see improvements in not only the number of cattle they can have, but also the health of their land, along with the wildlife surrounding them. It has been proven that “cattle and conservation can go hand in hand” (White, back cover). For many years now ranchers have been struggling to make it work. Between “persistently poor economics, tenacious opponents, shifting values in public-land use, changing demographics, decreased political influence, and the temptation of rapidly rising private land values” (White, p.6), ranchers have been pushed to a point of making a life changing decision, fight or flight. According to White the population of farmers from 1900 to 1990 has decreased by 38 percent. This is due to many factors, however two being the main reasons. First, the land was not healthy…

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