Impact Of Technology On The Workplace Essay

1260 Words Nov 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Over the years there have been massive changes in our personal lives and the workplace because of the integration of technology. Technology will continue to mold and shape the economy through unemployment, economic growth, and inflation. It is becoming quite distinct that the future of the workplace will be less centralized, more flexible, more mobile, and there will continue to be a stronger implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) (Groth and Nisen "A Revolution Is Happening in Offices Everywhere."). These, along with other trends will continue to grow with the increase in mobile technology, the never-ending race for top talent, and economic volatility. The future of the workplace will not only grow, but it will continue to influence the way the economy functions.
The increase in mobile technology has had a significant influence on how the corporate world operates and functions. One of the effects of advancements in mobile technology is how it continues to modify the labor market. The speed and efficiency mobile technology has to offer has turned into the go to technology for most employers and employees. This has allowed for employees to be more flexible when doing their work. According to Premiere Global Services, Inc., employees working in the corporate world across not only America but in Europe as well, are employees known as virtual employees. They are working from either their home or from a satellite office. (Premiere Global Services, Inc., “Workplace of…

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