Impact Of Technology On The Olympics

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Register to read the introduction… Consider: 1. How has technology contributed to the performance levels at the Olympics
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2. The Impact of technology for participants, officials, coaches and
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In sprinting, the athlete needs light weight shoes like the Lunar Eclipse+2’s which proides maximum comfort and flexibility for the runner. The shoe also provides the added stability for the athlete without the additional weight to the shoe. The suits they wear also affect their performance because they keep the body cool and holds the muscles steady as they run so they don’t pull or send the muscle into spasm.
The surface also effects the performance of a sprinter because if the surface they are competing on is sand, then the athlete would not be able to perform at they’re best. But if they competed on a synthetic track ( which is used in London 2012), they would be able to perform to their absolute best. This can also be related to other sports like: any court related sports like tennis, athletic field events and cycling.
2. The Olympics are an event which technology is used by participants, officials, coaches and spectators. Technology has made a massive impact on the Olympics now because spectators can now access results from their mobiles, athletes can look over their technique through watching a video of themselves slowed down to a speed of 1000 images per second, officials can tell whether an athlete won a race by 1 millisecond or 1.1 milliseconds through technology and coaches can watch and measure their athletes
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This is what technology is supposed to do for sport but in some cases it doesn’t and causes negative effects on sport. These effects are increased injuries, possible loss of tradition in the sport and the exclusion of athletes due to loss of access of the technology. In the 1896 Athens Olympic Games, the marathon was run 60 minutes slower than the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This shows the effects technology has had on the Olympics because as time has carried on technology has advanced and so have the athletes therefore beating records every year. Now, what would happen if the athlete who came first in the marathon in 1896 ran the marathon today with all the latest technology and the newest

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