Essay about Impact Of Technology On The Classroom

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Fifty years ago, technology in the classroom was almost non-existent. Calculators did not come in popular use in the classrooms until 1970, with the handheld graphing calculator not coming onto the scene until 1985. Technology in the classroom has come a long way, but is it enough? As the use of students using technology outside of school increases, it is inevitable that schools are going to need to adapt, but rather or not this enhances education is still out in the open. Marc Prensky, writer of Education for the Millennial Generation Should Reflect Its Digital Upbringing, is an advocate for an increase of technology used in the classroom. He says that in the past, schools were meant to bring students out of intellectual darkness; today children, though, are bathed in the light prior to school (95). Without the use of technology, the children are bored and unmotivated to do schoolwork. He argues that education focuses more in the past when it should focus on the future. “But the math she learns is not about space,” Prensky states about one 10 year old girl, “it’s 1200-year old algebra and 4,000 year old Egyptian geometry” (97). Schools need to focus on subjects such as nanotechnology, programming, and multimedia literacy (Prensky 98). On the other hand, I would argue that there is a place for learning about the past. A wise man once said if we forget about the past, we will just repeat the same mistakes over again. The “boring” lectures the students endure may…

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