Impact Of Technology On Children 's Learning Essay

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Impacts of Technology Applications

Technology applications in educational settings positively influence children to communicate, learn, and enhance problem-solving skills. Once technology applications are presented to children, their parents have to adjust to help them with homework, whether it may be in another language or in a certain application online. Technology, an electronic system of knowledge, generates different perspectives for children to comprehend information. Nowadays, several programs encourage children to work on their homework, keeping them involved and interested to work in an enjoyable educational manner. Implementing technology such as Mathrabbit and Starfall in an educational setting prepares children for the real world; furthermore, educational applications assist in harmonizing day-to-day interactions between generations.
Implementing technology applications such as Starfall in classrooms makes it nearly impossible to ignore new software preparing children to read. Mack explains the importance of the Starfall Curriculum for elementary schools that contains “integration in math, science, social studies, early literacy, and social-emotional development” which boosts children’s learning. Teachers use this curriculum due to the following motives: phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, social and emotional development which help build a foundation for science and math (Mack). Even though parents want to keep technology away from children, teachers…

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