Impact Of Stereotypes On The Media Essay

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The impact of stereotypes depicted in the media, still has an effect on individuals in society today. As a young black African American women who often speaks her mind, with a very strong personality, people may very well stereotype me as a “Angry Black Women” commonly depicted on black television shows seen today. “Schemas of how people are likely to behave based simply on the groups to which they belong are known as stereotypes.” (Feist, G. & Rosenberg, E.2012). Stereotypes, form conclusions about people before even interacting with them based on a certain race ethnicity or even how you may look, down to the clothes you wear. As a result, we end up judging people not by their actions, but by our notions of how they might act based on what we have heard or in most case what’s on TV.
I want to talk about a very controversial television show called The Boondocks, it comes on Adult swim which premiers on Cartoon network. The show still runs on TV at night and is also available on DVD. The series is comedy centered on the life of an African-American family that moved from the harsh and curl city of Chicago into the suburbs. Stereotyping the Freeman family lives as black people who so called advanced in the world by moving up their social status in society. The show has three main charters, Robert Freeman the grandfather of both Huey and Riley Freeman. I strongly feel this show helps to promotes prejudice and discrimination through stereotyping.
Huey Freeman is a smart young…

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