Impact Of Social Services On People Living With Hiv Essay

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Impact of Social Services on People Living with HIV is Scarce

It is essential to analyze the broad affect that a social service has on peoples lives when trying to understand its impact. Unfortunately there is not a lot of research that has been conducted in this area. Bataganya et al. (2015), researched the affects of social service interventions on five different outcomes for people living with HIV in order to gain a better understanding of how people’s lives can be changed through HIV services. The authors decided to conduct their research by analyzing studies published between 1995 and 2014 that related to people living with HIV in resource limited areas. Through their search of databases, they found eight articles that fit all of their criteria for the study. The results from these eight studies were used to qualitatively analyze the impact social service intervention had on mortality, morbidity, retention in HIV care, quality of life, and HIV transmission. The finding of Bataganya et al.’s (2015) study was that the only significant outcome significantly impacted by social services was quality of life. The other four outcomes were determined to be uncertain due to lack of data and compounding variables. This study shows the need for more research and documented evaluation of social services being provided to people living with HIV. The analysis done through their research had its limitations due to variables such as varied location of research, sample sizes, and…

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