Impact Of Social Networking On Society Essay

2017 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 9 Pages
Krista Leverette
Ryan Bacchia
English 120
29 November 2014
“Impacts of Social Networking”

Technology has recently had a huge influence on individuals’ lives and it has affected largely everything in it. There has been an enormous influx and flourishing in communication methods unlike before and still the advancement of technology every day is enhancing how people interact and making it simpler. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter which has enhanced popularity among youths, professionals, and individuals living away from home or some other parts of the world. However, some individuals have misused social networking regardless of its purpose as they employ it in activities that do not depict on its use. Much concern has been raised in society regarding cyber-crimes, infant predators, fraud, identity thefts as well as another related aspect. Thus, regardless of social media sites playing a significant role in society they still have numerous negative impacts which make one consider it from a different perspective. However, on the other hand, it is doing a great job. Since the creation social networking sites like facebook and twitter people have extensively excelled in communication, the sites have attracted numerous types of users, these people have integrated these websites into their daily operations. Based on the fact that these sites support and influence existing relationships, others help in generating new relationships in diverse interests like political…

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