Impact of Social Media Essay

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Executive Summary
Mobile communication and social media is a common word to all of us and it is really almost impossible to think a single day without these. From the personal use to corporate, social media has a vital role. Young generation highly attached with the mobile communication and social media and as a result they are looking the same service from the work place. However, the fact is there are many organizations who do not allow these types of social media within their organization. Infarct, organization should make such a work environment where
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Here, there are different findings as we have considered two different perspectives. First one is impact of social media and mobile communication in our daily life and another one is impact of social media in work place and how an organization should manages its information system to satisfy our needs and wants.

First experience of mobile communication and social media
After completing my secondary school certificate examination in 2009, I bought my first mobile which was Java supported. My new mobile changed my conception of mobile communication. I used the mobile not only for calling or sending message to people but also for using different social media like Yahoo messenger. After few months I also got a computer with internet connection. After getting the first internet connection, I created my Facebook account and after that my social media journey has started. Day by day these Facebook has become more popular way of communication to me. In the beginning, I used Facebook to communicate with the friends and the family members. Gradually this has become a part of my daily life. Impact of mobile communication and social media Young generation spends a good amount of time through mobile communication and social media and same thing is applicable for me. WhatsApp, Viver, Tango, We chat; Line etc are the most famous social media which are

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