Impact Of Social Media On The World Essay

858 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
Over the past few years, the impact of social media has been dramatic and exponential. In this intensity and speed of growth, many unintended consequences were overlooked or maybe not thought of. I will try to cover some of the unintended consequences of social media which were good, bad and ugly.
World wide web being the game changer in the early 90’s. People got a new way to communicate wirelessly from any corner to any corner in the world. Started with email, then instant messaging. And then combining many features at once, social media became a common platform for a huge population over the word. For e.g., Facebook has 1.7 billion currently active users.
With the growing pace of social media, people all over the world are able to communicate and contact anyone over the world. This helped many to find their old friends, who were not in touch for a long time. Especially users who were born in the era of no internet were able to find their old friends and get back in touch with them.
Content creators and musicians are able support themselves without a producer. Sites like YouTube gave content creators a direct way to communicate with their audience. This also encourages more artists to come out and display their own talents since the videos or music uploaded can be monetized on the basis of likes and views. Social Media is a great platform to make good money. Its reported that the highest paid YouTuber FunToyzCollector makes around 30.4 Million USD per year.…

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