Impact Of Social Media On Privacy

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Do Social-Networking Sites Threaten Our Privacy? Social media has become the prime source of communication for almost all young adults these days. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the main platforms for social media. These sites allow people to post pictures and communicate with people anywhere in the world. The one issue with social media sites is privacy. Social networking can be an invasion of privacy. When used correctly social media isn’t an issue but the problem is most people don’t use it that way. Anytime someone puts their information out there it can be seen by anyone. The federal trade commission has laws in place that requires social media sites to tell you how they will use your information. The problem is most people don’t read the fine print when signing up. Privacy within social media is a large issue. Regulations need to be put firmly in place to prevent consumer’s information from being provided. There are many stances on this issue. Social media has many ways it can violate privacy. There are many concerns why privacy is needed when using the internet.
Facebook, twitter, and Instagram all give you the option to make your page private. This privacy setting makes it to where only your friends or
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Snapchat is an application for mobile phones in which you can send and receive photos. The photo can only be shown for up to 10 seconds unless the user chooses to screenshot it and then it notifies the sending party. The app claims that the photos are gone after the 10 seconds are up. Snapchat recently experienced a security breach in which many photos were released. This security breach affected 4.6 million users. Users need to feel safe when using an application. They need to know that if their information is compromised the company will do anything and everything they can to fix the issue. Snapchat did not respond in a way that we can consider

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