Essay about Impact Of Social Exclusion On The Population Of Wales

2068 Words Nov 17th, 2014 9 Pages
This is 2014 and the social exclusion of the populace has intensified to such a degree that it can no longer be ignored. The aim of this essay is to therefore discuss the role of the social worker in tackling this growing issue in Wales. In order to come to a valid conclusion I will begin by looking into the definitions of some of the key terms used such as social exclusion, discrimination and oppression as these concepts are linked when discussing social exclusion. I will then move on to discuss the impact of social exclusion on the population of Wales. The last section of this essay will then concentrate on the role of social worker in tackling this growing issue. A social workers role in society is to empower and speak on behalf of the vulnerable. It is because of their high presence in society that they have a great role in helping those who are social excluded.
In order to tackle the social workers role, it is important that we define the terminology. Social exclusion is a growing topic of debate and therefore, the term has many definitions depending on the personal opinions of the author. Bossert (2006, p.2) describes social exclusion as a term that “manifests itself in the persistent relative lack of an individual’s access to findings compared with other members of society.” He emphasises that social exclusion is based on the individual’s comparison of their situation to others in society, such as the luxuries they feel they need to possess in order to feel included.…

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