Impact Of Shakespeare On Society

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Lily Antonio William Shakespeare’s Impact on Society 4/--/15

Hook-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. William Shakespeare is one of the most influential writers in modern English because of his contributions. He had a way of writing that portrayed deeper meanings. You had to really look deep and analyze each word to find it. He had an ordinary life, but it was one of nobility. Shakespeare’s poetry definitely had an influence on modern English. His poetry had a good clout, but his plays probably had the largest impact. Also like any other good playwright / writer he had things that inspired him. Shakespeare influenced the present greatly.

Shakespeare lead a
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The poem “Venus and Adonis”, one of Shakespeare’s first, was very influential in its deeper meaning. It sheds light on the beauty missing from the world. The beauty that was once there, but can no longer be found. In one of his other poems "The Rape of Lucrece" being about rape and bringing it to the attention. It was made clearer and put into words. Also "A Lovers Complaint" is about the different jobs of different genders. It talks about how the man is working on the farm, laboring all day. And the woman is in the house and she is working, but it is not the grunt work. It portrays the difference in the roles of men and women. He helped many people realize things that were important for being closer to peace. He slightly helped with the realization that women are equal to men and can do equal work. It was also clarified how women were taken advantage of. They still are today, most women are vulnerable, and the men controlling. Today, women are greatly disrespected by mostly men because it appears to them that they own us. But without clarification we wouldn’t have begun to address this problem earlier. And “A Lovers Complaint” brings attention to the way women were seen, not as useful as men. They were seen as maids in a sense because they were to work in the house and take care of the …show more content…
They too had a meaning like his poems but they were easier to detect. Like Romeo and Juliet there is an obvious theme of love. It displays how it overpowers all other values and what it can make us do. Throughout the play they had to defy their social lives and families to be together. Although, Shakespeare wasn’t one to write about emotions in a sappy way, he shows the emotion through brutal raw feelings. To him there was no sugar coating things it was to the point, he told it like it was. There is also a theme of violence within the play. Throughout the play the theme of violence is connected to passion, whether it is the passion of love or hate. The love between Romeo and Juliet is so strong from the moment he lays eyes on her. The relationship between Romeo and Tybalt is another story,and it is not one of love. While Romeo was crashing the feast Tybalt catches him and the urge to kill Romeo engulfs him. This impacted society because themes like these coming from such an influential person / writer can have a strong impact. For precedent it shows how the love between them has been so strong since the first glance. That love may not come to you easily you may have to work for it, and believe in

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