Media And Reality Programming Essay

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The Technological Medium and Reality Programming
Right now, as I speak, there is a world full of people binge watching their favorite reality television shows, tuning into season premieres, and setting their DVR so they can watch their shows after the reality of real life. It is important to note, these actions are done through a variety of different technological mediums: the television, tablet, cell phone, and laptop. However, on a global scale, the television is used as a primary medium of entertainment. Most popularly in today’s society, reality television has become a worldwide entertainment phenomenon. Different types of reality programming are projected through television as a medium and then sends a message to its audience. Audiences are religiously engaging themselves in the hypereality of reality television and are adapting values such as materialism, physical appearance, fame, and fortune; this ultimately affects their everyday lives and interactions with others. Reality television has become so popular that we
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Fans of reality television want to have the lives of reality stars like Kim and Khloe Kardashian. Reality programs such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians present more than just the reality of the Kardashian family. It shows it’s audiences an unobtainable yet plentiful life of fortune, fame, and beauty. Truly, there is no such thing as the perfect life, however, reality viewers would argue against such a statement. This is because they are sucked in the hyperreality of reality television. When such a world of fantasy is presented to you, immediately through your technological medium, it is hard to escape from the fixated life of constructed television

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