Essay On Pop Culture

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A lot of things were going on during the 1960s. The Vietnam War was going on. The British Invasion happened. John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr were assassinated. We even landed a man on the moon. In other not so “drastic” events, many tv shows, bands, styles, etc. were formed. But how did it affect what society turned into during the ‘60s? An important thing to know is what pop culture is. According to the dictionary, pop culture is “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people”. It varies from film to music to television to books. Things like sports, theater, politics, slang and clothes were also parts of pop culture. Although the term “Pop Culture” was officially used often, that’s what we call it back then. Pop Culture was the beginning of trends in many decades. Many people had saw pop culture as having money as well to pursue these wants in advancing in their hobby in pop culture. People looked upon it to see what was thought to …show more content…
When people see things in pop culture they begin to make trends about things such as fashion and music. When the youth begins to see things like this in large presentation they may put it out as a popular thing to do, so it tends to spread. When we were introduced to the music, fashion, shows, movies, etc. we were being influenced by the many aspects of it all that changed society as a whole. When you think of Pop Culture you usually don’t think of it changing who people are and what they become, but it truly affects us in they way. When we are young we need something to look up to and to strive to be, so we find ourselves gazing at the stars of the radio and screens. Knowing that small things like music can affect us like this is outstanding. The changing of times brings our developing into inspiration for further decades. The small moments and details in times like these do seem quite influencing

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