Impact Of Modern Technology

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Manisha Shrestha
Mrs. Brooke Ciolino
ENGL 1213
September 10, 2013

COMPUTER AND ITS GENERATION It is hard to believe that this modern technology has influenced human life and they all are dependent on this from their day to night. There was a time when there were no computers and people used to work by themselves. In past days, people used paper and pencils to do their work but now the world has changed and paper and pencil has been replaced by Microsoft word. This change happened from this new invention which is known as “Computers”. They are known as electronic devices used by the people to perform their daily activities. This device is useful in many ways such as it helps people to complete their work on time, connect people from two different
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They modernized the life of people by the new inventions. With invention of computers, different kinds of software were developed which is used by different companies to do their work. There are thousands of operating device like android, IOS and windows which are used in mobile device to provide many features. Many social networks were developed, which has helped people to connect with their loved ones, and billions of websites. There are many popular websites where people can log in and gather all the information that they are searching. One of the post popular website is ‘Google’ which is also known as search engine contains every information that will help people in their research. There is nothing that google will not found. The latest invention of this is helping the modern generation to go paperless as it provides many E-learning features to the students. There are many eBooks that are available for students which are more flexible and easy to use than the traditional ones. These are the new inventions of computers which has made the life of people more reliable and …show more content…
Harmony is not built in feature either: 52 percent of us take computer’s failures personally. Feeling anger, sadness or alienation if the computer did not cooperate or perform well. An additional 19 percent admitted they have wanted to strike their computers” (Boehi, 2015). The report shows that there are more people depending on computers, and 52 percentage of people get frustrated when their computer fails. It is found that many people use computers for their work, and if their computer stop functioning then they will stop working. People depending on computers do not try to be creative and generate their own ideas. They will rather google the answer than thinking their own and this type of behavior has affected many people in their workplace. Many people have quit or lost their job for not thinking smartly and not adjustable with the work environment. It is worth to mention that the new inventions of technology has made people life go easier and comfortable but has also influenced their life controversially. On the one side, people gain more opportunity to set their future goals and the other, they lose their individuality and interest in life absorbed by their computers and smartphones. This latest technology has become one of the great assets of human life which has changed their lives in both positive and

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