Impact Of Media On Sexuality

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Media and technology in today’s society are an important influence that has a majority presence in all our worlds. Typically, people are exposed to some form of media whether music, Internet, cell phone, or television, which contains valuable information. However, this never-ending instant access to knowledge provides individuals to more exposure to sexual oriented material. However, with this new window to the observed world of sex, the impact it is developing on people’s opinions toward sexuality and behavior will affect society. People are able to experience both the positive and negative sexual situations particularly violent and unhealthy activities.
Glee – Most teenagers have sexual intercourse for the first time in the backseat of a car.
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The risks of sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy plus the omission of birth control is rarely observed in many of the current media. Most of the television programming containing sexual content is oriented toward adolescents. With the inexperienced youth viewing theses sexual behaviors by television personalities, it will set their opinion that casual sex with a person who is ‘just a friend’ is a normal romantic relationship. These programs do not reveal the underlying truth of a true sexual experience to teens. In addition, the majority of individuals viewed on media are attractive and faultless during sexual relations. As evidence for social stigma toward woman in the media, the majority of the females were blonde, buxom, and partially nude. The majority of women characters wear low necklines, tank tops, and bathing suits. For all the exposure to sex on television, there is a lack of information on dealing with sexual harassment and cyber sex, which has become a more potential risk in recent

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