Essay on Impact Of Management On The Globalization Of Business

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Because of the advancements the world has seen throughout the years, companies are able to expand their business overseas. It is a heavy process and if not done correctly it can end up going terribly wrong. When deciding to move a business or deciding to manufacture overseas many factors come out to play. Management needs to take into consideration how the country they are trying to expand into works. Their laws, their beliefs, their values. Management will also, eventually, have to come to a decision in a pivotal moment. They [management] need to be ethical in these situations because what they decided will affect the company. Globalization has also affected business management being as it requires more people with core competency tendencies. Managers need to be able to sell their product and maintain success overseas. Finding the right people to help overlook this complex process will go a long way.
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The Impact of Management in the Globalization of Business
Research how one can prepare themselves for doing business overseas and one of the most common tips listed is that they should familiarize themselves with the intended countries. Mercedes Alfaro, the founder and president of First Impression Management, says that it is essential to build a rapport with the people and to understand their value system (2010). Learning a country 's customs, such as their language, etiquette, and culture, will not only provide you with an…

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